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Input Output Modules


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Addressable Series 200 Advanced

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Input Output Modules

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6 products found

M200 Addressable Input Output Module

Single and multi-way models available within the same mechanical package, reducing both the cost of installation and the mounting space required. Their unique mechanical design…

M200 Addressable Modules Mounting Box

The M200E-SMB Surface Mounting Box is an Interface Enclosure suitable for the System Sensor addressable modules range.

Conventional Zone Monitor Modules

The M210E-CZ and CZR conventional zone monitor modules allow a zone of conventional or IS conventional detectors to be connected to a System Sensor analogue addressable system.

Addressable Mains Switching Output Module

The M201E–240 and M201E–240–DIN are part of the family of input/output modules in System Sensor Europe’s Series 200 plus range.

Mini – M501MEA Addressable Input Module

The M501MEA is a mini-addressable input module. It will interface with contact devices such as security contacts, waterflow switches and call points. It is capable of being connected in Class B wiring configurations.

Addressable Multiple Input/Output Module

The Multiple Input and Output module provides an easy to install device designed for use in applications where numerous single modules are required.