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System Sensor Europe, like the majority of manufacturers, is experiencing longer product lead times due to component shortages. As we actively work to improve this situation, your satisfaction remains our main priority. View our current estimated lead times.

Beam Smoke Detectors

I56-6654SC-000_System_Sensor_BEAM-SIDR_QSGBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.30 MBChinese
I56-6654IT-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RE-SS_QSGBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.14 MBItalian
I56-6965FF-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RIE-xx_QSGBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.34 MBFrench
I56-6654FF-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RE-SS_QSGBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.14 MBFrench
I56-6654-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RE-SS_QSGBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.14 MBEnglish
I56-6965-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RIE-xx_QSGBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.32 MBEnglish
E56-6654IT-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RE-SS_Installation_GuideBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF2.18 MBItalian
E56-6965-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RIE-xx_Installation_GuideBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF2.37 MBEnglish
E56-6965FF-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RIE-xx_Installation_GuideBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF2.39 MBFrench
E56-6654SC-000_System_Sensor_BEAM-SIDR_Installation_GuideBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF2.56 MBChinese
E56-6654-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RE-SS_Installation_GuideBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF2.12 MBEnglish
E56-6654FF-000_System_Sensor_OSI-RE-SS_Installation_GuideBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF2.31 MBFrench
I56-4445-000_EN-6500(S)E-XX-Installation-manualBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.77 MBEnglish
I56-4446-000_EN-6500R(S)E-Installation-manualBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF2.03 MBEnglish
BeamHKR – for use with reflector of SSE Reflective Projected Beam Smoke DetectorsBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF55.34 KBEnglish
BeamHK – Reflective Projected Beam Sensor DetectorsBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF92.11 KBEnglish
Multi Mounting Kit – 6500 Range of Beam Smoke DetectorsBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF279.63 KBEnglish
Long Range Reflector Kit InstallationBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF45.14 KBEnglish
Reflected Beam Smoke Detector 6500(S) Installation & Maintenance InstructionsBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF504.57 KBEnglish
Reflected Beam Smoke Detector 6500R(S) Installation & Maintenance InstructionsBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF497.55 KBEnglish
Installations Und Wartungsanleitung Linearer Rauchmelder Mit Prismen-ReflektorBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF476.05 KBGerman
Istruzioni Di Installazione E Uso Rivelatore Di Fumo A Raggio Ottico ModelloBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF513.92 KBItalian
Detector De Humo Por Rayo Del Tipo Reflejado Instrucciones De Instalación Y MantenimientoBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF472.18 KBSpanish
Des Detecteurs Lineaires De Fumee Consignes D’Installation Et De MaintenanceBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF493.17 KBFrench
Rivelatore De Fumo A Raggio Ottico Istruzioni Di Installazione E UsoBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF493.39 KBItalian