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System Sensor Europe, like the majority of manufacturers, is experiencing longer product lead times due to component shortages. As we actively work to improve this situation, your satisfaction remains our main priority. View our current estimated lead times.

Beam Smoke Detectors

TitleFormatExpiry DateProductApprovalApproval NoSupplier 
G222041 OSI-RIE 221212PDF11/12/2026OSI-RIE-xxVdSG222041VdS
OSI-RE-SS VdS Certificate G222028 2022-10-21PDF20/10/2026OSI-RE-SSVdSG222028VdS
DOP-LPB023_00 OSI-RIE-xxPDFOSI-RIE-xxDeclaration of PerformanceDOP-LPB023Internal
DOC-OSI-RIE-xx_00PDFOSI-RIE-xxDeclaration of Conformity CEDOC-OSI-RIE-xxInternal
DOP-LPB016_00 OSI-RE-SSPDFOSI-RE-SSDeclaration of PerformanceDOP-LPB016Internal
DOC-OSI-RE-SS_00PDFOSI-RE-SSDeclaration of Conformity CEDOC-OSI-RE-SSInternal
B-9073-FD-K 1064-a – OSI-RE-SS 210703PDF02/06/2033OSI-RE-SSBOSECB-9073-FD-K 1064-aANPI
LF 013 B0 OSI-RE-SS 201222PDF31/12/2023OSI-RE-SSAFNORLF 013 B0AFNOR
B-9073-FD-K1064-c – 2033 06 02 – OSI-RE-SS – BOSECPDF
0333-CPR-075624 – 2020 10 29 – OSI-RE-SS – FRPDF
0333-CPR-075624 – 2020 10 29 – OSI-RE-SS – GBPDF
DOC-6500E_00 – AllPDF
DOP-LPB024_00 6500(S)E-yyPDF
DOP-LPB025_00 6500R(S)EPDF
2831-CPR-F0308 – 6500R and 6500RS 191017PDF
2831-CPR-F1973 – 6500-yy and 6500S-yy 191017PDF
B01742 6500 (Cert and Enc) 150602PDF
B-9073-FD-K 538d – 6500(R)(S) 170427PDF28/08/2027
G205033 – 6500(S)-xx 190401PDF31/03/2022
G205034 – 6500R(S) 190401PDF31/03/2022