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System Sensor Europe, like the majority of manufacturers, is experiencing longer product lead times due to component shortages. As we actively work to improve this situation, your satisfaction remains our main priority. View our current estimated lead times.

Aspirating Smoke Detectors

TitleFormatExpiry DateProductApprovalApproval NoSupplier 
0832-UKCA-CPR-F1145 – FL0122E-HSPDF
0832-UKCA-CPR-F1144 – FL0112E-HSPDF
0832-UKCA-CPR-F1143 – FL0111E-HSPDF
DOC-FAASTLTHS_00 – AllPDFFL0112E-HSDeclaration of Conformity CEDOC-FAASTLTHSInternal
UKDOC-FAASTLTHS_00PDFFL0111E-HSDeclaration of Conformity CEDOC-FAASTLTHSInternal
C199ae-(cl-2)-03 FL20xxEI-HS 200727PDFFL2011EI-HSLPCB199ae/01BRE
C199ad-(cl-1)-03 FL01xxE-HS 200727PDFFL0111E-HSLPCB199ad/01BRE
FAAST LT-200 B.0016719 (Trieste)PDF
G215093 FL20xxEI-HS 221126PDF25/11/2026FL2011EI-HS, FL2012EI-HS, FL2022EI-HSVdSG215093VdS
G214079 FL01xxE-HS 221029PDF28/10/2026FL0111E-HS, FL0112E-HS, FL0122E-HSVdSG214079VdS
DOP-ASP027_03 – FL2022EI-HSPDF
DOP-ASP026_03 – FL2012EI-HSPDF
DOP-ASP025_02 – FL2011EI-HSPDF
DOP-ASP024_03 – FL1022E-HSPDFFL0122E-HSDeclaration of PerformanceDOP-ASP024Internal
DOP-ASP023_03 – FL1012E-HSPDFFL0112E-HSDeclaration of PerformanceADOP-ASP023Internal
DOP-ASP022_03 – FL1011E-HSPDFFL0111E-HSDeclaration of PerformanceDOP-ASP022Internal
2831-CPR-F1055 – FL2022EI-HSPDF
2831-CPR-F1054 – FL2012EI-HSPDF
2831-CPR-F1053 – FL2011EI-HSPDF
2831-CPR-F1052 – FL0122E-HSPDF
2831-CPR-F1051 – FL0112E-HSPDF
2831-CPR-F1050 – FL0111E-HSPDF
B02295 FAAST LT 130204PDF
C199ad-(cl-1)-02 FL01xxE-HS 180914PDF
C199ae-(cl-2)-02 FL20xxE-HS 180914PDF
DOC-AFE70 Purge_00PDF
MPL 060 A2 – FL0111E-HS 201215PDF31/12/2023FL0111EAFNORMPL 060 A2AFNOR
MPL 061 A2 – FL0112E-HS 201215PDF31/12/2023FL0112EAFNORMPL 061 A2AFNOR
MPL 062 A2 – FL0122E-HS 201215PDF31/12/2023FL0122EAFNORMPL 062 A2AFNOR