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System Sensor Europe, like the majority of manufacturers, is experiencing longer product lead times due to component shortages. As we actively work to improve this situation, your satisfaction remains our main priority. View our current estimated lead times.

S200 Addressable Thermal Detectors

Thermal detectors 52051E/EI, 52051HTE/HTEI, 52051RE/REI, are part of S200 range are analogue addressable sensors employing low mass thermistors and microprocessor technology for fast response and linear/raising temperature sensing.

The 52051E/EI and 52051HTE/HTEI detectors’ linear response allows these sensors to be used to signal temperatures over the range of 58°C (Class A1S) to 78°C (Class BS). The 52051RE/REI uses the same thermistor and microprocessor technology to provide an alarm when the rate of rise in temperature exceeds 10°C/minute (typical) or if the temperature exceeds a threshold of 58°C (Response Class A1R).

With the implementation of the Series 200 Advanced Protocol, any model can be software configured to be either a fixed 58°C, a fixed 78°C unit or a 58°C with rate of rise device.


  • 58°C & 78°C fixed temperature and rate of rise heat detectors
  • Digital Advanced Protocol
  • Ability to customise the heat thresholds of each detector to the specific risks found in the application
  • Available with or without single pole short circuit isolation with status control through Advanced Protocol (52051E/HTE/RE without isolator / 52051EI/HTEI/REI with isolator)
  • Tri-colour LED offering red, green and amber colours providing 360° visibility
  • Rotary decade address switches
  • Pure white colour to compliment modern buildings
  • 100% mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility
  • -30°C to +80°C operating temperature range
  • 10% to 93% relative humidity
  • Compatible bases: B500Series