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System Sensor Europe, like the majority of manufacturers, is experiencing longer product lead times due to component shortages. As we actively work to improve this situation, your satisfaction remains our main priority. View our current estimated lead times.

FAAST Automatic Purging Unit

The FAAST™ Automatic Purging Unit provides a fully integrated and compact solution with user-selectable preventative or event triggered purging programs.

ASD systems continuously aspire the air from the monitored environment, potentially subjecting the system to contamination over time. To prevent the build-up of dust contamination into pipe or aspiration hole, regular ASD system purging with compressed air is essential. In contrast to conventional purging systems, Honeywell’s compact and user-friendly AFE70-2 and AFE70-3 units feature a patented valve, featuring full pass through when opened and which prevent any compressed air release into the ASD unit when opened. This valve can be controlled through a programmable control board that is integrated into the housing.


  • A fully integrated and compact system designed for larger pipe networks
  • Designed for use in Honeywell Aspiration Smoke Detection (ASD) systems
  • Patented design with zero air resistance (as defined by EN 54-20)
  • 6 user selectable preventive or event-triggered purging programs
    • Short or long purging cycle options
  • Easy commissioning without software tools