Cutting Edge Mesh Technology

Agile is powered by robust mesh network technology, used in many industries for reliability, scalability and adaptability

Technology benefits…


Mesh multi path communication - delivers  
  uninterrupted communication

18 channels to reduce risk of interference

Extended communication range – provides more
  margin against interference




Reliable. Scalable. Adaptable.

Star network

   Agile Mesh network

False alarm immunity

Wireless monitoring

Star network

In a star network, temporary obstacles can affect the system integrity causing broken communication links.

Agile Mesh network

Agile is built on a robust mesh network, where each device has an alternative communication link in case the main communication link with the gateway is interrupted.

Immunity to False Alarms

Our field proven, multi-criteria detector combines three separate sensing elements - Photo, Thermal and Infrared – delivering outstanding immunity to false alarms.

Stay connected with easy system monitoring

Agile can be monitored wirelessly via a USB dongle connected to a laptop. 3 in 1 Software provides a visual picture of the entire network - easing design configuration and diagnostics.

Click on the image above to download a zip containing interactive models of the wireless range.  (pdf format)


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