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A complete set of intuitive and easy to use software and hardware tools dramatically improves system installation and maintenance. Click Here to go to the partners area and download the software.


Agile IQ 3 in 1 Software


Design: Intuitive wizard based approach
– easy to set up


Configuration: Automatic mass configuration of           
network device – saves time


Diagnostics: Complete visibility of the wireless
network – simplifies troubleshooting

•  Agile USB dongle eliminates hardwired connection
   and maintenance equipment
Accessories to assist with set up and maintenance







Installation Tools

Agile IQ 3-in-1 Software

•  The Agile wireless fire detection system is supported by a powerful and

 intuitive 3-in-1design configuration and diagnostics software
•  Agile IQ defines the best possible wireless mesh network for the application & provides a visual picture of network, simplifying troubleshooting
•  Users will benefit from ‘step-by-step’ on screen guidance

Agile IQ - Design

•  Agile IQ allows the user to build a network by placing devices on the building plan

•  Plans can be imported in image or CAD formats & simulated remotely

•  EN54-25 compliant designs can be created and simulated for optimum performance

•  Visual network representation allows easy issue identification

Agile IQ 3-in-1 - Configuration

Users can quickly configure the gateway from the Agile IQ design data

Manual and automatic device configuration options are available

Data can be downloaded securely from the gateway

Agile IQ 3-in-1 - Diagnostics

•   Agile IQ provides a real time picture of the network without compromising system operation

•  Software identifies device addresses, battery levels and link quality

•  Comprehensive diagnostic reports can be generated for risk assessment

•  Allows for proactive system maintenance and easier troubleshooting

Agile USB dongle

The Agile IQ software is used in conjunction with a wireless USB dongle connected to a PC, which allows wireless system design, configuration and diagnostics to be carried out without the need to use any hardwired connection.


A range of accessories are available to assist with the surveying process. These allow devices to be temporarily positioned in their final location so that critical communication links can be tested without the need for ladders or maintenance platforms.

Simplified installation and commissioning

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