Wireless Device Range

The Agile Platform uses field proven Series 200 Advanced devices, including multicriteria PTIR detectors, renowned for minimizing false alarms, and wireless WCP and DKM call points. Gateways and repeaters provide a cost effective means of extending the network. Devices are powered by widely available lithium batteries.


Robust detection capability





Wireless System

Fire Detectors

22051TLE-RF: Photo-Thermal-IR Detector (as pictured)

22051E-RF: Photo Detector

52051E-RF: 58°C Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

52051RE-RF: Rate of Rise Heat Detector

Evacuation Devices

R5A-R-00F: Waterproof Manual Call Point

DKMCPB: German Blue Manual Call Point

DKMCPR: German Red Manual Call Point


M200G-RF: Gateway, the translator between
the radio network and the loop based
Fire Detection system.


M200WC-RF : USB Dongle



M200F-RF: Repeater, providing larger area coverage and more robust  communication


M200I-RF: Wireless Remote LED Indicator


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