Historic &
Hard-to-Wire Buildings

Temporary Fire

& Retrofits

Historic & Hard-to-Wire Buildings

The Agile wireless platform is ideally suited to heritage sites, museums or complex applications with aesthetic challenges or otherwise limiting restrictions. For example asbestos, concrete walls and ceilings or inaccessible wiring.

Temporary Fire Protection & Time Pressured Projects

The flexibility and speed of installation of the Agile wireless fire detection solution makes it the first choice technology for applications where temporary fire protection is needed such as construction sites, exhibition booths and portable classrooms. It is also ideal for time pressured projects with short deadlines.

Refurbishments & Retrofits

Since the Agile platform can be used effectively as a wired system extension, it is well suited to refurbished buildings or retrofits where it is uneconomical or impractical to have a wired installation. Agile IQ wireless software tools allow rapid installation without business disruption.

Agile offers a flexible and reliable solution for applications where wired systems are not feasible

Generates least amount of disruption for the

  end user

Delivers flexibility for system extensions

Provides protection for temporary installations

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Flexibility and Performance

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