The FAAST LT-200 range delivers a highly reliable and flexible solution designed to meet the needs of applications where standard detection methods are inefficient or prone to failure.

FAAST LT-200 serves a wide diversity of EN54-20 Class C applications like shopping centres and historic buildings as well as those traditionally considered hard to access like ducts and lift shafts.

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The FAAST LT-200 offers advanced, high accuracy laser detection in the most challneging applications where methods are inefficient and prone to failure or locations where aesthetics are a concern.

Designed with the installer and end-user in mind, FAAST LT-200 offers simplified, single operator maintenance, making this range ideal for applications where the detector must be seperated from the monitoring area.


FAAST LT-200 range devices deliver an impressive array of features, setting the benchmark for fire detection in the most probelmatic and hard-to-reach environments:

  • High sensitivity IR laser detection
  • Reliable with minimised false alarms
  • Broad coverage in Calss C applications up to 2,000 m2
  • Unique two stage ultrasonic airflow for changing environments
  • Fully protected electronics and tamper-proof
  • Incorporates protected electronics and fully tamper-proof
  • Allows easy access for maintenance
  • Faster installation and comissioning
  • Standalone or Loop based devices
  • Single and dual channel for medium and large applications


  • Historic buildings and high-end architecture
  • Museums and galleries
  • Shopping and leisure centres
  • Residential
  • Ducts, voids and lift shafts
  • Custodial facilities
  • High buildingsm high roof storage areas and warehouses




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