The HS200 model 72051EI high sensitivity, high gain amplifier-based intelligent smoke sensor is a unique offering from System Sensor that provides extremely high sensitivity to fire conditions, by detecting the earliest particles of combustion. This is achieved by combining a patented optical chamber with advanced high power output IR LED diode and precision optics technology, which is matched with a unique superior high gain IR receiver amplifier, enhancing the sensitivity of the device. The chamber is supported by sophisticated processing circuitry and microprocessors that feature smoothing-filter algorithms to help eliminate transient environmental noise conditions, and reduce nuisance alarms.


  • Extremely high sensitivity, high power output IR LED, and high gain IR receiver amplifier based smoke sensor
  • Superior early warning performance
  • Effective response to both fast flaming liquid fires and slow smouldering fires
  • New mechanical platform with patented chamber to maximize smoke entrance and false alarm immunity:
    • Improved resilience to false alarms through dust
    • Removed risk of false alarms through insects
  • Includes Series 200 Advanced Protocol
  • Includes single pole short circuit isolation with status control through the Series 200 Advanced Protocol
  • Twin LED indicators providing 360 visibility, offering tri-color flashing option (red, green and amber colors)
  • Rotary decade address switches
  • Pure white color to compliment modern buildings

Download: High Sensitivity HS200 Datasheet


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